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Our product

The Qmilch GmbH has developed an innovative process to produce a textile fiber from milk which cannot be used for consumption.

Qmilk fiber is made from 100% renewable resources. Because of our eco-efficient production technology and our special recipe, we set new standards in fiber production.

Our resource – No food

The casein, which is the main resource of our products, is made from raw milk, that is no longer tradable and regarding legislation can not be used as food. In Germany every year 1.9 million tons of milk must be disposed of. This milk still contains valuable ingredients and offers great potential for technical purposes. We use a raw material which is inevitably accrued and thus only extend its product life cycle. Additionally, we pay attention to sustainable animal husbandry of our suppliers.

Future field of application


Fashion made ​​from milk – sounds crazy, but we made it possible. However, the newly developed Qmilk fiber does not only convince by offering a clear environmental advantage, but also outstanding functional properties for all clothing ranges:

An admixture of only 20% of Qmilk fiber is sufficient to improve the quality of yarns and fabrics made ​​from conventional fibers significantly. Fabrics made ​​of Qmilk fiber are very soft and provide a comfortable fit. Due to the excellent heat and moisture management fabrics of Qmilk allow to be used in workwear ranges and ready-to-wear clothing. The reduced bacterial growth by the fiber and the best skin-sensory properties provide you the opportunity to offer your customers clothing for every activity and any weather.

Home Textiles

Biofiber for couches or an antibacterial bed?

Qmilk fiber is the perfect fit for this. Its ideal moisture transport ensures a pleasant feeling every night. Who wouldn't like to sleep in bedding that has been created without chemical additives and feels like silk? Ranging from mattresses and mattress pads, duvets and pillowcases to sleepwear, you can now offer your customers the complete range of our organic fiber. Even filling materials are possible. The antibacterial properties provide additional benefits to improve sleep and the well-being of your consumers.


The automotive industry is constantly looking for sustainable materials. With Qmilk fiber you can equip the interior of a vehicle with 100% recyclable materials. The material still feels high quality and smooth. TheOur high-tech fiber also provides a plus in your ecological balance and enhances your equipment options. Fabrics made of Qmilk are refined depending on their application. Qmilk fiber is more resistant to fuels and thus suitable for a wide range of applications.


Qmilk fiber enables the development of new textile equipment in medical technology, that have been produced without the addition of chemicals. Our high standard Qmilk fiber meets the special requirements of medical technology. It is antibacterial, especially against the bacterial strains Staphylococcus aureus and Pseudomonas aeruginosa.

In our production we completely dispense with chemical additives, which is not only good for the environment but also has positive effects to those who suffer from allergies.

Anke Domaske, qmilk

Company history

Founder of the company is Anke Domaske who originally was searching for chemically untreated clothing for her stepfather with cancer. Eventually milk proteins came to her interest. Those had already been processed to textiles in the 1930s, but the fibers were treated with various chemicals and produced in a complex process.

Qmilk started as a classic start-up – however not in a garage, but in a kitchen. Since the company and development is not a university spin-off, there initially was no laboratory to work in, just the idea to develop a fiber that is chemically untreated. The necessary equipment was bought in a grocery store and built into a lab for about 200,- Euros. Since they initially did not even have a thermometer, they bought a large jam thermometer to measure the water temperature.

In April 2011 the Qmilch GmbH was founded. There now are a group of companies – Qmilch IP GmbH, Qmilch Holding GmbH and Qmilch Deutschland GmbH – which are engaged in the production and development of biopolymers, based on milk proteins and other natural and renewable raw materials.


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Qmilch Deutschland GmbH
Göttinger Chaussee 12-14,
30453 Hannover
Phone: +49 51137413059
Fax: +49 51137455783

Geschäftsführerin/Business Executive: Dipl.-Biol. Anke Domaske
Sitz der Gesellschaft/Registered Office: Hannover
Handelsregister/Commercial Register: HRB 209744, Registergericht Hannover
USt-IdNr./VAT-No.: DE287879725 St.-Nr.: 25/270/16906

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